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(There's been a lot of these, huh?)

Haha rules are simple
1. You have to answer all the ask X3
2. If you get tagged you gotta do this too!
3. Just gotta have FUN!

Reimu: Is there something that just comes easily to you?
Lucas: What are you afraid of?
Kirby: Do you eat a lot?
Sonic: Do you consider yourself someone who does things quickly?
King Dedede: Are you someone who has good intentions but is commonly seen as evil?
Marisa: Do you just collect things to have them?
Link: Are you a person of few words?
Zelda: Do you constantly rely on your friends to help you then when they do you start kicking ass without them?
Wadanohara: Are you someone who enjoys going to the beach/sea/ocean?
Yosafire: Are you one to disregard what people have done in the past and except them how they are now?
Sal: Are you an untrustworthy person?
Amaterasu: Do you stop at nothing to protect those you hold dear to you?
Madoka: Are you someone who doesn't know what makes you awesome?
Homura: Are you the type of person to constantly protect the one person dearest to you no matter what?
Mami: Are you the motherly type in your group?
Sayaka: Are you the happy go lucky person who hides their sadness until you can't anymore?
Kyouko: Are you the loose cannon of the group who does what you want when you want?
Alice: Are you the type who likes to be surrounded by people?
Mewtwo: Do you consider yourself an outcast? and if so within your group of friends are you extremely protective of them?
Travis: Are you the type of person who unwittingly gets yourself into dangerous situations?
Mario: Are you constantly the center of attention?
Luigi: Are you in the shadow of someone close to you but are liked more then them?
B.B. Hood: Are you secretly evil and hide it with a cutesy/nice persona?
Komachi: Do you constantly slack off?
Rawberry: Are you someone who eats and eats and eats and has weird eating habits?

I passed one of my YOU.....


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Over Liberty's Head
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm an artist. I'm not too good at drawings but I think I'm improving atleast. I also do some digital art sometimes.

Also, indeterminate duelist and card game player.

Walfas DNA ; 3.39:whatevernameyouwant:194:0:61:297:95:96:4:71:0:113:0:000000

Now have some flashy buttons.


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