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Marisa by overlibertyshead
Sorry I was a bit inactive. Been busy...I should probably try to walfas soon too...

Eh. This looks a

Touhou belongs to ZUN.
This is a fanfiction of Touhou Project.
Portrayal of characters/world might be disrespectful or inaccurate.
The author apologies in advance for both the above and if the format/writing is weird, and would appreciate suggestions/feedback.


Mizuki : (C-Crap...! I have to run, I have to run...but...m-my legs won't move!)

Arata threw one of her hands in the air, and at that moment, the ground below Mizuki started glowing with a bright yellow hue...and a wave of intense light burst from the ground, seemingly consuming Mizuki inside. The wave had enough power to crush or at least severely damage lower-class youkai...

However, when Arata looked back at the spot where Mizuki was as the light disappeared...Mizuki was no longer there. Arata turned around to find Mizuki was laying on the ground behind her.

Arata : ...Well, you're a quick one.

Mizuki : [huffing] ...Gah...! (Wait a minute...why is that youkai cook just looking at me like that...? He doesn't...seem surprised at all...!)

Mizuki had noticed the gaze the youkai who ran the food cart was giving her...not very amused, and cold.

Mizuki : (Wait a 'legs'...are numb...but there's no way this is from 'fear'! This has got to be 'poison'! N-No...I fell for it, this was all a 'trap'! There was no way in hell a food cart would just pass by a forest even youkai stay away from...!)

Arata : Your poison seems to be half-working. Sure took awhile but it really seems like her legs are feeling a bit heavy.

Youkai : This girl...she transformed into a 'wave' just now...

Arata : Oh?

With a nonchalant expression, Arata threw a paper seal at Mizuki, who quickly disappeared before the paper seal hit made impact and was replaced by a small, but intense wave of water running through the puddle of sake that was spilled crashed against Arata's leg, and at that moment blood spilled everywhere, coming from her leg.

Arata : Argh!?

Wincing in pain and quickly reacting, Arata flew into the air and held her position a few meters above the ground. Looking down she could see her leg covered in blood, and that the wave that hit her had disappeared. Mizuki was there.

Mizuki : Ah...meant to knock you over...really sorry about that...

Arata : So that's your 'ability'...! Becoming a 'wave' once you come into contact with water...

Mizuki : (Gah...that's the first time I've hit anyone with that...I suddenly feel like I'm the shark from 'Jaws'. Wait, why am I thinking about movies!? She's going to try to hit me again!)

Youkai : Well, funny ability you got, but...Arata, bigger one.

Arata : Coming right up!

Arata pushed her index and middle fingers forward before quickly raising them up, as yellow light gathered below Mizuki again, but this time it covered the whole small clearing of trees below. The food cart's owner quickly dashed away with his cart.

Mizuki : (I know this 'poison'...! Most of it will gather up in the blood inside your leg once it takes effect...if that's the case..!)

At that moment, with a fierce yell, Mizuki created "waves" inside her blood veins, and almost instantly, large holes ripped from her legs and blood flooded out from them. With the strength of a youkai, despite the massive blood loss Mizuki was able to get up, and make a sprint out of the area right before the explosion...

--5 minutes later--

Youkai : Well...she got away.

Arata : ...

Arata quickly sat down on the chair in front of the food cart, drinking the sake on the table and eating from a leftover plate. Before slamming her head on the table.

Arata : [mumbling] I've completely screwed it first job without assistance from Reimu-san...

Youkai : ...That's been mixed with the poison too, you just fixed up your legs-

Arata : Who cares...I don't even want to walk anymore.

Youkai : Come on, the shrine maiden will be nice on you, right? I mean, she's nice to you and all.

Quickly, she raised her head and slammed her hand on the table.

Arata : That's why I need to meet her expectations! She didn't pick me up from the streets for nothing, and I need to repay her!

Youkai : Hey hey...I don't think she's cruel enough to give you a place just to make you work-

Arata : That's not what I'm trying to imply! Even if she has never said a thing, isn't it obvious that she should expect something from me!?

Youkai : Alright, alright! Calm down and I'll get you something non-poisonous to eat! Maybe that will calm you down...[whispering to himself] You're still paying though.

--A while later, at the human village...--

Arata was in front of Reimu, standing up as straight and still as a log.

Reimu : Ah! Arata, there you are, did you get her?

Arata :

Reimu : E-Eh? What happened to your leg?

Arata : I-It's uh-

Reimu : You didn't really apply the healing spell properly...come on, let's hurry back and I'll fix it back up for you.

Arata : (G-Geh, the other exterminators are looking at us...this is kind of embarrassing.)

(Hello, everyone, my name is Aimi Arata. I'm 13 years old, humbled to make my introduction. I'm a human girl from the Aimi clan, our family are a line of youkai exterminators, with similar practices to the Hakurei family....thing is though, we were smaller and less important, and we were always enemies with them. No one really knows how the rivalry started but...we didn't like each other much, we had pretty nasty duels with each other, but eventually we stopped...during that period of peace with the Hakurei family though, ours ran out of business, family troubles got out of control and...we faded, worse than ever. It was like our family, and me didn't exist....until I met Reimu-san, that is.)

--3 years ago--

There was heavy rain that night. The winds were strong, and the villagers were a little worried that their homes would be affected by the storm, as there were sights of trees falling over in the forest. Of course, in this night no one wanted to be outside their home. It couldn't be helped for a homeless little girl running away from a youkai, however...

Arata : AHHH!! AHHHHH!!

Screaming, Arata futilely threw seals at the youkai behind her, all that missed.

??? : Well then, you're pretty small but you should make a nice meal~!

After having ran for countless minutes that seemed like hours, Arata finally crashed into a tree, and fell to the ground, helpless. At that moment, tears flooded from the girl's eyes, this situation was all too hopeless for her...the youkai lunged at her...


Arata : ...Eh?

She slowly raised her head to look. The youkai had been knocked back into a tree, and a woman was in front of her, her leg stretched out, having kicked the youkai. The woman turned to look at Arata...

Reimu : Hey, are you okay?

Arata : A...Ah...?

She then realized that the woman in front of her was a Hakurei shrine maiden, and tried to scurry away...

Reimu : Huh? Oh, you're from the Aimi clan...well...

Reimu gently put a hand forward...

Reimu : It's alright, I won't hurt you. Come on now, get up.

At that moment, all the panic Arata felt disappeared...she reached out her hand to touch Reimu's...

--Fast forward to where we previously left off, at the Hakurei Shrine...--

Reimu : she had a weird 'ability'...

Arata : Sorry, if I was more careful I would have got her...

Reimu : It's okay, it's okay...many people are going after her anyways, so don't worry about her...

Arata : ...But...that's not really a good thing, right?

Reimu : What do you mean?

Arata : Though sinners must be punished...are you sure about letting that 'man' join the hunt...?

Reimu : Ah...him...I would keep an eye on him if I could...but if he's working with other exterminators...he probably wouldn't do something stupid...

Arata : 'Frogfang'...that's what he calls himself, right?

To be continued.
This is a fanfiction of Touhou Project.
Portrayal of characters/world might be disrespectful or inaccurate.
The author apologies in advance for both the above and if the format/writing is weird, and would appreciate suggestions/feedback.

-- 3 day before the "incident", graveyard outside the human village--

Two mysterious individuals are crouched in front of a grave, in the middle of the rain...


Unknown #1 : ...You sure this is the one?

Unknown #2 :'s pretty recent. I would still be able to tell even if I hadn't been tracking it...

Unknown #1 : put both of us through a lot to get to this...if we get caught...

Unknown #2 : The people at the village didn't notice us peeking around uninvited at 'her' funeral...

Unknown #1 : Well then...this better be good...hey, get the 'shovel', it's dig her up.

The rain was falling down upon them harder, and harder the rain covered out the noise surrounding the two...


Unknown #1 :  Hey...didn't you hear me? The 'shovel.'

Unknown #2 : ...Hold on.

Unknown #1 : Huh? Just give me the goddamn 'shovel' already!

Unknown #2 : ...The 'shovel'... look at it closely.

They both looked at the shovel that was laying besides another seemed like it was shaking lightly for one moment, before it suddenly started shaking violently...


Suddenly, a small wave of water, about a hand's size rose from the grave the two mysterious individuals were crouching in front of, and quickly dashed through the puddles caused by the rain to the shovel, and the instant it made contact, the shovel exploded into splinter and pieces....



Though they were caught off guard by what happened, the two men managed to make out something in front of them...a young girl about the age of 14 was laying on the ground, staring at them with wide panic-stricken yellow eyes that seemed to almost shine in the darkness. The girl was someone the two knew from the Human Village, still wearing the same villager clothes she had on her the day she died...though for all they knew, she probably wasn't human anymore!


--Human village, 3 days later--

The people of the village were gathered around the street, chatter and discussion buzzed everywhere. There was a slight stretch of fear and confusion in the air. It was an unusually noisy morning, to say the least...until a loud voice broke through the whispers.

"Alright, silence, silence! Everyone, calm down!"

That voice belonged to the shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu. The crowd grew slightly quieter as the attention was on her now.

Reimu : [takes a deep breath before sighing] Alright, I'm sure you all have a lot of questions to ask, but don't panic. I want them one at a time, okay?

Male Villager : Uh...I would like to ask about the 'rumors' that-

Reimu : Yes. We've confirmed, she did rise from the grave. From the information, it would seems that she has become a 'youkai' too.

Male Villager : You'll be chasing her down, right?

Reimu : Yes, of course.

Female Villager : I'm sorry, I have a question. I've heard that more and more people from the human village have been signing up to  be 'youkai exterminators' lately...I'm just wondering, will they be taking part in this?

Reimu : Whether they do or not is not my decision, however, I do not recommend 'amateurs' or 'newcomers' attempt to capture the girl, as we do not know what she is capable of. The reports on her actions so far are by people relatively new to youkai exterminating, so they did not get too close to her. She's proven to be quite capable of running away, too...

Male Villager : But...once she's arrested, what will you do with her?

Reimu : ...Ah, there was a 'case' like this awhile ago if anyone of you remembers. A man who died and later resurrected himself as a youkai...I do not know the exact circumstances behind the current 'case'...but of course...the penalty is the same, 'a death sentence'.

The entire crowd fell silent.

Reimu : From this day onward, Arai Mizuki has committed the sin of a human from the village becoming a youkai, and thus is sentenced to death!

--2 days after the incident was declared, somewhere in the forest of magic...--

Arai Mizuki was sitting at a food cart ran by a youkai, eating quite a lot.

Mizuki : Mm! This is delicious! Gah, I can't stop eating, more tonkatsu, please!

Youkai : Alright, alright, I'll get to sure do eat a lot. Just be sure to pay up....hey, uh, what 'kind' of youkai are you again?

Mizuki : ...Uh...that's a good question...I don't really know.

Youkai : ...Huh? You don't know...?

Mizuki : Ah...sorry but I...really don't know.

Youkai : Well...hurry and finish up after this one's done, I don't really like this place...gah. I swear the 'air' around here makes me feel like I'm choking on fart.

Mizuki : Don't talk about things like that while I'm eating, that's impolite! Haven't you read about manners in conversation?

Youkai : ...I don't read.

Then, a young girl about Mizuki's age walked up to the cart. She was slightly shorter than Mizuki and wearing what looked quite like a...Miko outfit, but without the sleeves. Thankfully for Mizuki, the girl had short blonde hair, so she wasn't Reimu...but Mizuki started sweating from fear nonetheless when she turned around to look.

??? : Hm? What is it? You seem nervous.

Mizuki : am I supposed not to be? (Be natural, Mizuki...she's not Reimu but she can probably fuck you over just as bad...) You really remind me of the ghost from 'The Ring' when you showed up...haha...

The girl sat down next to Mizuki, tension increased within the the point where to Mizuki, the tension almost became something she could physically hear...


??? : 'The Ring'? Is it a book?

Mizuki :, it's a movie.

??? : Ah...those things from the outside world? Hm, funny, I'm currently looking for someone who seems to have a lot of interest in the outside world as well...

Mizuki : Who?

??? : 'Arai Mizuki.'

Mizuki's eyes widened...she knew the girl would notice as well...there was no way to tell a lie out of this one. She had to get up and run.

??? : Hello, Mizuki. My name is Aimi Arata. Welcome to die.

Mizuki quickly jumped out of her chair and kicked it at Arata, knocking over a few sake bottles in the process which splattered on the floor. Arata made quick work of the chair however, when the chair was torn the pieces by a wave of yellow light that burst from the ground.

Arata : Hmmm...funny. I was taught that chairs weren't effective bullets in danmaku. For someone who was known to lock herself in her house and spend all her time with books, you don't seem to know you?

To be continued.
[Touhou fanfiction] Post-Burial Trial : Chapter 1
Again, apologies if the format/writing style are a bit weird. But right now I don't think I'm really good with the usual novel type of writing. Not going to spoil anything but, the fic as a whole (or atleast what I plan of it) takes some inspiration from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

I haven't wrote fanfiction in awhile, then again last time I tried it was a terrible gappy fic...just hoping this is a bit better, even if not by much. I would really appreciate feedback/suggestions.

Touhou belongs to ZUN.
(Modern) Remilia thing by overlibertyshead
(Modern) Remilia thing
Was just looking for an excuse to use up paper that's been cut out a little.

Hmmm...the hand with the phone is really the other one right though I think?

Touhou belongs to ZUN.
Touhou Koubuto is a fanmade/doujin 3D fighting game based on Touhou Project released in 2010 by Cube-Type. It might remind you of games like Virtual-On or Gundam Extreme VS (latter of which I've played a few rounds), and that caught my interest so I'm just here to give my opinion on it. I can't understand Japanese so I'm not sure how much of the story I'm exactly missing here, so if you want something on the story you might want to go somewhere else, but about the story mode...yeah we'll get to that.

The graphics don't look too shabby, but not too good. Just what you'd expect from a 3D doujin game, cel-shaded colorful characters and backgrounds, but they aren't top-notch.

The special attacks don't look too shabby but honestly some of them especially certain spellcards can look more impressive or faithful. While each characters' projectiles look very colorful especially when you throw a lot of them around, Marisa's master spark can probably look less like a generic blue beam and Remilia's Gungnir's throw looks kind of anti-climatic.

Now the real appeal of the game's presentation relies mostly on the "cuteness" factor. The characters are rendered in super-deformed chibi style in both the character portraits and in-game models, so it goes without saying that the characters are quite expressive as well. Aside from your typical expression-changing, there are some cute little quirks in the animation thrown in to add to it a bit, for example ; Cirno popping out of a snowman during her intro, Remilia throwing a tantrum on the floor after she loses a round, Flandre jumps around happily during the aforementioned situations, and so on. Though the actual movement of the characters seem a bit...stiff and slow, but not to any uncanny valley levels.

Now onto the sound. The characters are fully voiced, so that's already a plus, though the quality of the voice acting is debatable. Having some voice adds to the cuteness factor mentioned in the above paragraph, but honestly there's not much credit to give or take away here besides each voice fitting the characters well enough.

The music...surprisingly for a Touhou doujin game there's not much to say here. A lot of the themes feel like forgettable if decent remixes of the original themes, with only a few sticking out as somewhat memorable, such as Remilia's stage theme.

Characters and modes
There's honestly not much to say about the cast featured here except that it's pretty much the EoSD cast without the named mid-bosses with one additional character. Initially, only Reimu and Marisa are playable, the rest of the cast can be unlocked by clearing their story modes without using a single continue, however.

Though the story mode...isn't much. In both Marisa's and Reimu's story mode, you go through a series of fights interrupted by short little slides of unvoiced dialogue between the characters, eventually reaching the final boss that is...a giant yukkuri. A problem here is that the giant yukkuri is literally the only unique character with any unique moves or abilities in the story mode, while every other fight are generic fights against the CPU with no modifications whatsoever. Beating both characters' story mode will give you access to all the other characters to use in the other modes and...Remilia's story mode which...unlocks nothing when cleared, not even other characters' story modes which I assume don't exist. The AI's playstyle being seemingly mashing buttons like a new player would and sometimes just standing there waiting for you to unleash an easy-to-hit spellcard at them don't help matters.

There's also an arcade mode which is pretty much the story mode, yukkuri boss included, but without any dialogue. So I find it confusing why these are two separate modes.

There's also of course a CPU VS mode and a player VS mode though the latter is unselectable for me for some reason.

Also, minor gripe but all of the configuration, besides the sound, has to be done in the game's launcher, including resolution and keys. Minor issue, but it's annoying having to reset the game every time you want to change your control scheme up. Also, you cannot change the number of rounds you have to play during any mode, and the standard is first to 3, which some may find long.

The game is a 3D fighting game which will remind you a lot of games like Virtual-On. Basic concept is that you move quickly around a small arena dodging your opponent and hitting back.

Movement is pretty basic. Standard arrow keys to move around, you can dash and graze through projectile attacks and jump or double jump, and since this is Touhou you can also dash in the air. You can change direction while dashing and it takes a bit before your dash meter runs out, to stop this from being abused however, when the dash meter runs out, your character will start panting as they stand still trying to catch their breath. This is of course a vital mechanic, however, the dash meter isn't enough to completely dodge certain spellcards even if you're prepared to dodge them and waste your whole meter, and even if you do so, you may find yourself a sitting duck afterwards thanks to your character running out of stamina.

Now onto attacking. You have 3 attack buttons and 3 bars assigned to each of them which deplete as you use their corresponding attack button. Each button unleashes a different kind of attack, with certain button combinations unleashing a different variant of the attacks, jumping and dashing attacks also have their own variations too. Attacks change to melee/ranged moveset depending on your distance to the opponent, while this gets rid of a few extra buttons, there are some instances in which you're far enough to use ranged attacks against your opponent but a certain button has a melee move that can reach the opponent in that range, switching that attack to a melee attack even if you wanted to use the ranged variant. There's also spellcards, which are basically super attacks which you can activate once your super meter is full...usually you'd think that would be the only condition, but this game requires you to have all your other attack meters filled as well, which can result in you standing there completely still for a few seconds waiting to activate your spellcard.

There are no combos in this game. You have sometimes hit your opponent while they're on the ground but that's it and it doesn't do that much damage. Though not all fighting games are combo heavy, and the damage dealt with each attack in this game are quite big, the game feels somewhat slow and it may not be too satisfying simply knocking down the opponent with 2 simple 1-button melee attacks and waiting them to get up again after awhile.

A pretty big gripe about it though is that whenever you dash too far from your opponent or they move behind you after you get knocked down, you'll lose lock-on on the enemy and have to manually move your camera to adjust to them again. This is extremely pointless as this is a 1v1 fighting game, with no stage obstacle or any kind of natural stage covers, not to mention how small the stages are.

Now onto the characters...while each of them have unique movesets and abilities, such as Cirno and Remilia being able to conjure projectile walls to keep enemy projectiles at bay and some of Meiling's moves stunning her opponents, they're not very well balanced. Marisa's beam attacks can easily rip through barrages of attacks from other characters, Sakuya's health is pitiable as she can be killed with a single spellcard even at full health, Reimu and Patchouli's spellcards are so powerful and hard to dodge they make most of the other characters' spellcard look like water guns (In the former's case, her Fantasy Seal will keep mauling down the opponent even if they've been K.O.ed until the spellcard's period run out), and in general some characters don't have moves as flashy or good as other characters.


It's overall very hard recommending this game. It's fun and worth a few giggles for the character animations for a story/arcade run or two, but it's very limited in content and the gameplay certainly isn't a particularly good example of its genre even for a doujin game, which means it gets boring pretty fast. Not bad as a fangame, but could be much, much better. since the voice files were all laid in a visible folder and meant that they could be easy edited and modded, I went ahead and...



overlibertyshead's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, Overlibertyshead here, or Shed, as some call me. I like making things. I'm interested in video games, specifically RPG games, fighting games, tabletop games and card games, but I'm not very good at any of those things.

Oh I really like Touhou by the way.

Walfas DNA ; 3.39:whatevernameyouwant:194:0:61:297:95:96:4:71:0:113:0:000000

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